We are a pioneer of modern TCM innovation

 Inheritance Guidance Promotion

Current Position:
As the first modern TCM innovation center, Tianjin Modern Innovative TCM Technology Co. Ltd., initiated by Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was cofounded by Tasly Holding Group, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Pharma, Tianjin Pharmaceuticals, and ChaseSun.​​​​​

Focusing on the major needs of quality improvement and internationalization of Chinese medicine and health products, taking comprehensive innovation,

 whole industrial chain innovation and global innovation as the strategy goals and based on the core capabilities of researching classic formulas and health products,

optimizing pharmaceutical process, promoting green intelligent manufacturing, 


exploring international communication and cooperation, providing common technology services, we established a innovative system of market-oriented independent intellectual technology,a research platform for industrial common technology and a talent training base to upgrade nationwide Chinese medicine technology and further industrial development.

We assume the responsibilities of spreading the TCM culture, revitalizing national industry,  leading the innovation of Chinese medicine technoloagy, exploring future and contributing to human health. 
Driven by innovation, we systematically empower Chinese medicine pharmaceuticals to enter world market and provide Chinese solutions to human health.